"You need to digitally network your practice/enterprise?

With healthcare professionals and with patients?

We are delighted to solve this for you!"


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Your networking projects easily implemented

Whether you are a group of doctors or whether you represent a hospital, pharmaceutical company, emergency service organization, insurance company, etc,

We can network you with your customers, suppliers, allocators, etc.!

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Our customers and the docbox users benefit from existing modules

We have been continuously developing docbox for our customers and users for 18 years.

Your networking projects can also benefit from the existing system!

A large community trusts docbox

Our customers and users have made us the largest eHealth platform in Switzerland

Cost reduction in the clinic and added value for the physicians

  •     Significant reduction of effort in patient administration
  •     Greater comfort for the physicians and their practice assistants

docbox for a safe medical emergency service

  • Planning, implementation, secure networking and reporting
  • Networking with emergency doctor, family doctor, call center, patient and others

Without digitalisation you run the risk of being left behind!

With docbox your company/doctor's practice is more attractive for customers, referring physicians etc. and you can reduce unnecessary costs!