State councillor Rathgeb (Grison) informs about doccall


Yesterday, the press conference on doccall, jointly organised by the Department of Justice, Safety and Health and the Grisons Medical Association, took place in Chur.

The head of the department, state councillor Rathgeb, did not miss the opportunity to personally inform the press about doccall.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Rathgeb and Rudolf Leuthold from the Department and the representatives of the Grisons Medical Association, the President Dr. med. Heidi Jörimann and Dr. med. Edith Oechslin, who is responsible for the medical emergency service in the canton of Grisons.

Here in excerpt from the press reactions:

Radio der Rätoromanischen Schweiz

SRF Regionaljournal



GR heute

Tele Südostschweiz

Fernsehen der Rätoromanischen Schweiz


doccall is the Swiss app for outpatient medical emergencies. For the canton of Grisons, doccall has been extended in such a way that the patient is directly connected to the locally responsible emergency doctor and the patient data is sent to this doctor on approval of the caller to his docbox emergency service app.

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